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Self medicating not only can be for all the wrong reasons, but it may have started innocently as a way to alleviate an unwanted condition such as sleeplessness, pain, anxiety, allergies, etc. Without proper professional guidance (and sometimes even with it), abuse can ensue creating an even bigger problem for the user. Some people go to great lengths to self medicate starting with mild remedies and graduate to stronger and sometimes even illegal substances. A drug rehab may become necessary and if you have been searching for drug rehabs, we can help.

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Prescription Prescription Abuse
Starting with a doctor's prescription for legal medication to alleviate unwanted conditions, patients can start to manipulate their general practitioner. They exaggerate their state to increase their dosage or they may even demand to see a "specialist" and thereby have two sources of potential prescriptions. Prescription drugs can be very dangerous when not taken properly especially when users don't stop taking the medication when their condition eases.  (more on prescription abuse)
woman in pain Over the Counter Medications
It may start innocent enough, a purchase for cough medicine, maybe some pain relief medication advertised for strong fast relief, sleeping aides, or perhaps help for staying awake. All these items can be found on your drugstore or grocery store shelves. The condition is eased, and the person is satisfied. However, the cause is rarely addressed so the user will begin to depend on treating the symptoms using more and combining different medications. The body not only starts to depend on the medication but will need higher dosage to achieve the same initial effects. It's a never ending rollercoaster... (more on over the counter medications)
Bottles of wine Drowning Sorrows
There are several tell tell signs of alcohol abuse, it starts when a person starts to drink socially or to unwind with a glass of wine during dinner. But there comes a line that is crossed where abuse comes into play and the drinker is at risk of harming themselves and others around them. Alcohol abuse has become a serious problem in this society. According to WebMD, 30% of U.S. adults have experienced alcohol abuse or alcoholism.  (more on alcohol)
Cocaine and razor blade Illegal and Dangerous
The reasons behind the use of various illegal street drugs is too numerous to mention. What may have started as recreational use turns to dependence. Add to the mix the legal issues and it is a bad combination. Police crack down of drug trafficking, dealing, crack houses and overdoses have become the norm on the nightly news. (more on illegal drug use)

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Prescription Drug Abuse
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